Nikhilesh Singh 

E-Commerce Consultant

Shopify Expert

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About Me

Take your business online and sell your products worldwide

I provide e-commerce consultancy via the shopify platform to enable clients to successfully take their businesses or ideas online. I assist in the creation of the website, the logistics and online payment gateway tie up. I further provide consultancy on driving traffic to the website to generate sales. I am based out of New Delhi, India, 

Current Work

Below are some examples of the recent Businesses I have helped launch. 

Launched in August 2023, Savoir fashions  is a multi designer store for western and indo-western clothes. They showcase a varied collection from designers all over India and are based out of Mumbai.

Image of logo is a site commissioned by the renowned Vedic Astrologer Sanjeev Verma. Mr Sanjeev Verma offers Vedic Astrological Consultation online and is launching his Mind Demystified Programme.  

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Banastudio is based out of Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi and sells vintage silver jewellery. I started working with the owners Mr Mahendra Singh Banera and his partner, Ms Manju Gupta in January 2022. 

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The Source India is a handicrafts, home Decor and Artefacts store. I approached the owner Mrs Nain Aggarwal to take this store online in September 2022. 

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Secrets of Brahmaputra sells products that include food, spices, pickles, teas, Bamboo Products and home decor items that are sourced and manufactured in the North East of India. It is a North East Farms Sales Endeavour. Based in Assam, the sales, management and marketing of the store are my responsiblity. 

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Established over a century, Universal Typerwriter Company is the oldest distributors and marketeers of typewriters in India. A chance meeting with Mr Rajesh Palta(Owner) led to a business idea of launching this typewriter company online. 

What you get?

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A fully functional Shopify Platform 

E-commerce website created in the shortest possible time frame. 

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Client Relationship Management

The website will offer a complete client relationship management solutions where customer data will be captured automatically.

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Analytics and reports will provide the means to review your store's recent activity, insights into visitors and your store's transactions. 

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I will teach you and your team to manage your online business and handhold you through out the process.


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Let the Clients Speak for themselves!

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"Nikhilesh handheld my company from start to finish and assisted in the full migration of all our products to the new online platform. He trained us and convinced us of this beneficial decision.  

He is now part of my team! "

Mahendra Singh Banera

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"He has made it so easy to set up this online store. We had no clue on how we could expand our business from Assam. His regular training, insights and work ethic have made our online store possible. We have further hired him to work with us at a company level."


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"He walked into our store one day and stated that we need to go online. I was impressed to see that this man really believed in what he does. We signed up exclusively with him and today the source India store is live and bringing in business."

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"I met Nikhilesh when he walked in to our Nehru Place space to buy a Typewriter. An enthusiast who already owned a Typewriter, he wanted to buy one more - which he did, and eventually ended up buying two more, for a total collection of four Typewriters!

Meanwhile, he introduced the concept of the eshop/website to me. For a long time I had dreamt of making a website to expand the reach across the country and grow the business. But, being a small business the funding and the planning never transpired. 

Until I met Nikhilesh. 

Nikhilesh made our website and today we are getting orders from across the country. 

The most valuable aspect of Nikhilesh's work has been his integration with the business with almost a certain sense of co-ownership. He truly cares about your work like you would. 

Additionally, Nikhilesh did this end-to-end. There were so many big and small steps, document requirements, technical integrations, and coordination with Facebook/Meta for ad's, Payment Gateways, and even Shopify for fulfilling all their requirements to register a business and start an eshop. 

Moreover, even after the website was made, Nikhilesh is continuing to manage it, constantly upgrade it as required, and also planning & executing the advertising & marketing for my business. It's literally  like someone my own has joined my business with me and we are working together to grow it. 

In summation, Nikhilesh had advised me that I have to be patient, allow him to do his part and follow advise regarding budgets etc. for the results to show. And surely, today I can proudly say that I have followed his advise every step of the way and he is invested in my work truly like a co-owner, and the resultant growth of my business is so satisfying. 

And I know this is just the start, and with Nikhilesh on board we will grow a 100-fold more in coming times!"

Mr. Typewriter a.k.a Rajesh Palta